Friday, May 30, 2008

Survey Results

View the results of the MN Chapter Information Ethics Survey.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Information Ethics Town Hall Meeting - April 23, 2008

The Town Hall Meeting was the kick-off event for the MN SLA Ethics initiative.

The Town Hall Meeting was designed to encourage and collect anecdotes, stories, and examples of information ethics in practice (or not in practice) at your library or organization.

The event started off with an explanation of the SLA 2008 Ethics initiative by our chapter's Ethics Ambassador, Kaia Densch.

This introduction was followed a presentation entitled, "Information Ethics and the Social Web" by Cody Hanson. Cody highlighted the ethical concerns of social technologies--encouraging discussion of the tensions between Privacy, Intellectual Property, and Information as a Resource.

Cody challenged the crowd to wonder:
  • Is it Worth Trading your Privacy for the Services you Desire?
  • Does Good Customer Service Require We Break All the Rules about Guarding Privacy?

Cody's presentation stimulated many questions & insights from the crowd.

The Q&A triggered so much discussion they preempted the other planned events.

Kaia suggested we continue the conversation. An e-survey will be sent to the membership and the MN SLA Information Ethics Blog was launched. You are invited to be involved in the on-going gathering of data from our Chapter on the key information ethics issues to help craft official ethics guidelines for the Association.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MN SLA Information Ethics Initiative

What is this Initiative?
In 2008, SLA is undergoing a year-long conversation on Information Ethics in order to help craft official guidelines for the association and for future efforts to promote the value of our profession to a wider audience.

Who is an Ethics Ambassador?
SLA has launched a grassroot campaign of Ethics Ambassadors from each unit to initiate the conversation among its members.

The Ethics Ambassador will create events & opportunities to stimulate discussion, will gather together our experiences & insights, and will report back to the association.

Kaia Densch is the MN Chapter Ethics Ambassador.